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Poi Data

About Us

Point of Interest (POI) is defined as an entity (such as a business) at a ground location (point) which may be (of interest).

We provide high-quality POI data that is fresh, consistent, customizable, easy to use and with high-density coverage for all countries of the world.

This is our process flow:

  • Our machine learning systems continuously crawl for new POI data
  • Our geoparsing and geocoding calculates their geo locations
  • Our categorization systems cleanup and standardize the datasets
  • Our data pipeline API publishes the datasets on our data store

A new POI comes into existence. It could be a bar, a stadium, a museum, a restaurant, a cinema, or store, etc.. In today's interconnected world its information will appear very quickly in social media, pictures, websites, press releases. Soon after that, our systems will pick it up.

Poi extraction process

POI Data is in constant flux. Every minute worldwide over 200 businesses will move, over 600 new businesses will open their doors and over 400 businesses will cease to exist. And over 94% of all businesses have a public online presence of some kind tracking such changes. When a business changes, their website and social media presence will change too. We'll then extract and merge the new information, thus creating the most accurate and up-to-date business information dataset across the globe.

We offer our customers perpetual data licenses for any dataset representing this ever changing information, downloaded at any given point in time. This makes our company's licensing model unique in the current Data as a Service - DaaS Industry. Our customers don't have to delete our data after the expiration of a certain "Term", regardless of whether the data was purchased as a one time snapshot, or via our data update pipeline.

Customers requiring regularly updated datasets may subscribe to our Annual subscription plans. Our data is continuously being refreshed, therefore subscription plans are recommended for those who need the most up to date data. The main differentiators between us vs the competition are our flexible licensing terms and our data freshness.